Slide Show Effect

SlideShowEffect100x100In this tutorial we will learn how to make a simple slide show in Flash. This is one of the most commonly used effect in image presentation


Step 1: Create a new document and import photos you want to make effect with to your library by going to File>Import>Import to Library and locate the path of your images. Notice that your photos should have the same sizes. If you can’t find them, use the ones below:










Step 2: Resize your document to 300×122 pixels (same size with the photos above) or resize it to the size of your photos and set the Frame rate to 20 to make our effect smoother




Step 3: Open up the Library panel if it doesn’t show up by pressing Ctrl-L. Drag the first photo and place it on your document.





Click on this photo to make sure you are selecting it and go to Modify>Convert To Symbol(F8) to convert it to a symbol. A dialog box appears, name it as mcClip and select Movie Clip option. Click OK



Step 4: Click on frame 20 and press F6 to insert a keyframe at this frame, click on your photo and have a look at theProperties panel (press Ctrl-F3 if it is not showed up). In the Color drop down box select Alpha, in the percent box select0% (mean 0% opacity)





Step 5: Right click on any frame from frame 1 to frame 20 and select Create Motion Tween. Now you can press Ctrl-Enter to see the effect on it, but our tutorial has not finished yet!


Step 6: Right click on frame 21 and insert a blank keyframe there



Step 7: Drag the screenshot2 photo and place it on your document, try to place it on the same place as the previous photo. Go to Modify>Convert To Symbol (F8) to convert your photo to a movie clip, name it mcClip2


Step 8: Click on the newly created movie clip, in the Properties panel assign 0% opacity in the Color box like we did in step 4




Step 9: Insert a keyframe (F6) on frame 40 and make the movie clip visible again by increase its alpha property to 100%. Right click on any frame from 20 to 40 and select Create Motion Tween



Step 10: Click on frame 60, insert a keyframe and change the Alpha property to 0% and make a Motion Tween effect between frame 40 and frame 60. Repeat from step 7 to insert the last photo to your document. You can see the result below: